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Can you be in two places at once? How do you get the most BANG for your marketing DOLLAR? How do you do both, JOIN CHRISTIANS 4 BIZ OF COURSE! You do what you do best, and we WILL GET YOU SEEN! We network, YOU GET SEEN , we Promo Blast on social media, YOU GET SEEN, we advertise on radio YOU GET SEEN!

Christians 4 Biz also provides business owner with FULL PAGE, CUSTOM ADVERTISING with full social media coverage. We provide monthly “Promo-Blasts” for your company, or if you are hiring, having a sale, photos of a remodel, we can update that and blast real time! Photos, video, hyperlinks to your site, email, analytics and more. You’ll pay 4 times more for a once a year directory that may or maynot be seen, but advertising with Christians 4 Biz YOU WILL BE SEEN!

Business owners can also take advantage of our 21 + years financial consulting. We can help you navigate conventional and SBA, commercial real estate, equipment, and accounts receivable financing as well as cash management tools.



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