I remembercropped-Christians-Biz-Logo-1.jpg sitting at my kitchen table in my apartment in 2005 praying and reading the word like any other morning. I wasn’t praying for anything in particular, just normal devotion and study time, AND THEN IT HAPPENED! I literally about fell out of my chair, I’m not even fully back in the seat yet, and I was writing Christians 4 Biz! I asked God to slow down, I couldn’t keep up, He gave me the concept, logo ETC… He gave me this gift, but I did not know fully what to do with it, and I didn’t really follow through.

2010 came, I lost my job, and I’m the 100% ALL IN OR ALL OUT GUY, so I went all in! Sadly I didn’t listen to my wife who told me to start it slow, get a job and build it up, NOT ME!!! I was ‘Tired of working for the man!” “God will provide Isaiah 41:10” That was my ego, pride, and pain talking. Because I didn’t listen to my wife (He gave her to me for balance and discernment that I don’t have), so God humbled me and took the gift away.

2016 and things have come a long way. God has place this on my heart again. and my wife is in full support. All of my passion for business, all my knowledge, all of my connections are all here for you. God gave me these gifts, and now it is time I give them to the world.